Social Media Is Important For App Marketing

Social Media AH Dev 1

We’ve covered all kinds of ways to better promote your app, from Android Monetization, to building a following for your app, and even hyping it a bit before it’s ready to go. We’ve talked before about using social media to market your app, but how important is it really? It’s actually very, very important. Consider this, you submit your app to the Play Store. Cool. But there are how many hundreds of thousands of other apps in the store already? This is where marketing comes into play. Specifically using social media.

Using Social Media networks like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and the many others out there is very important as it allows you to get in contact with your users. Not only is it great for marketing your app or game, but also great to get feedback and keep your users interested in the app. Additionally, social media can help with organic users. Basically what we mean by “organic” is that you can get users naturally, instead of having to buy them with ads. Although you can use ads on Facebook, and Twitter, which work very well.

Another reason why Social Media is important, is that it helps you get the word out quicker. For example, on Google+ there are all kinds of communities where you can post about your app. This will get the word out to users that are actually interested in the type of app that you’ve created. Spreading the word about your app, is very important, as it also decreases marketing costs. And if this is your first app you’ve developed, you probably don’t want to spend a whole lot on marketing just yet.

Reviews are also very common on social media. While ideally you’d rather have users submit their reviews on Google Play, it’s great to have them on Facebook and Twitter as well. Additionally, when sites review your app they often times post the review on social media. Which means thats more visibility for your app on these social media sites. That’s always a good thing.

Outside of marketing, social media is a great way to help out your users that may be having trouble with your app. And it’s better than giving out your email address, even though that is shown on the Google Play Store listing. So social media is a very important part of marketing your app, and if you use at least Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to their full potential, I’m sure you’ll see some great results.