Snoozing Emails In Inbox Just Got Much Better

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About a year ago the Gmail team at Google released a completely new email client for both desktop and mobile called Inbox. Upon its release, Inbox was available via invite only, which made it a very desirable app to have. But, Inbox’s exclusivity was not the only thing that made it so desirable, the email client also had some great features that Gmail did not. One of these features is the very useful ability to snooze emails until a certain day and time of your choosing.

Before its latest update, the Inbox app allowed users to snooze emails for a certain day or time. After the latest update though, the Inbox app is able to use a bit of context when users want to snooze an email. More specifically, when users go to snooze a certain type of email now, such as a package tracking update or flight confirmation, Inbox will offer the option to snooze the email until an hour before it will be relevant. For instance, if you have a restaurant reservation email you will be able to set the email to appear at the top of your inbox an hour before the reservation time, automatically.

Of course, users will not be capable to snooze any email this new way in the Inbox app. This new advanced snoozing feature will be limited to the following types of emails; package tracking updates, restaurant and event reservations, calendar invites, flight confirmations, hotel reservations, and rental car reservations. Users will still be able to snooze any email, but if the email is not one of the types listed above then the snooze day and time will still have to be set manually.

If you are a user of the Inbox app and can’t wait to begin using this feature, Google has said that the updated app is beginning its rollout today. So, be sure to head over to the Google Play Store and check your updates for the updated app. Sure, this isn’t the greatest new feature in the world, but it’s surely one that some Inbox users will use frequently.