Samsung Tapping Qualcomm for Galaxy S7

Qualcomm Logo AH13

It’s never too early to talk about Samsung’s next Galaxy S device right? We aren’t even at the Galaxy Note 5 launch yet, and we are seeing rumors of the Galaxy S7 coming out already. According to G For Games and their sources, Samsung might be tapping Qualcomm for the power inside their next flagship. This year, you may remember that Samsung dropped Qualcomm altogether – in terms of processors. Typically, we’d see Exynos in 3G markets and Qualcomm in 4G LTE markets. But this year, the Exynos 7420 made it to all markets that the Galaxy S6 was sold in.

One could argue that the Galaxy S7 won’t be going back to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon, and I’d agree. Samsung has their own processors, and to keep using a competitors product in their own is pretty crazy. Samsung is Qualcomm’s biggest customer, obviously, so Qualcomm needed to do something to get Samsung back. And it looks like the Snapdragon 820 has done just that.

While this report doesn’t necessarily say that they’ll be using the Snapdragon 820, it’s pretty much implied. Seeing as the Snapdragon 820 is now sampling with OEMs, with mass production starting in the end of 2015. G For Games is stating that one model is powered by Snapdragon and the other is Exynos. Which sounds familiar. So we might be returning to Snapdragon in 4G LTE markets and Exynos in 3G markets with the Galaxy S7.

It’s important to mention that this information may or may not be true. We are still about 6-7 months out from the Galaxy S7 announcement – at least. So things can change. Including the screen size, resolution, battery size, and even the materials used for the device. So we’ll take this with a grain of salt, but it could very well be true. As it has happened in the past with Samsung flagships.

The Snapdragon 820 has shown to be a huge improvement over the Snapdragon 810, which is a good thing for Qualcomm’s sake. As 2015 has turned into a year that I’m sure they’d love to forget. With the hot Snapdragon 810, and Samsung pulling out from ordering chips for the Galaxy S6.