Samsung Shows Off Their Colorful Side in Infographic


When Samsung announced the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge earlier this year, it was not just the new design that got people interested in their latest and greatest, but also their range of colors. The range of color that Samsung announced for the Galaxy S6 duo was of course helped by the shiny, reflective glass build, but they were bright and playful. Something that we don't see very often in the mobile industry these days. Of course, Samsung has been using colors to make their devices standard for some time now, and as they've been in the mobile business for years now, there's a wide variety of examples. Now, Samsung has bought all of these examples together to show their colorful side.

The main colors on show here are, black, blue, gold, green, orange, red, pink, purple and of course white. We know that Samsung has offered pink devices in Asian territories for some time, but some of those green devices look pretty cool to us. Color has become an important part of the choice we make when choosing a new device these days, and Motorola has been offering customers the choice of whatever combination they want, and while Samsung only offers a handful of different colors as standard, it's clear the industry as a whole is moving in this direction. Right now though, different colors are often treated as limited editions, and in the case of some Galaxy S6 variants, they were sold at certain choice outlets and even cost more than others.


The whole infographic can be found below, and we've broken it up into the separate colors for you as well. If nothing else, this is a neat look at how far phone design has come, as it features devices from the past decade or so. Which offers up some highlights including the rear bump that Samsung used in devices like the Nexus S and how the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note designs evolved over time. It's an interesting look at colorful devices both old and new and Samsung fans will surely enjoy the look below. Besides, it's a fun a look at just how far we have come when it comes to mobile phone design.

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