Samsung Reportedly Working On Wearable Similar To HoloLens

The race to produce the most successful head-worn wearable continues, with Google working on their next iteration of Google Glass, various OEMs (including Samsung) working on continued development of VR headsets and other glass-like wearables, and with Microsoft working on development of the much anticipated HoloLens. Now it looks like Samsung may be working on a pair of glasses to take on the HoloLens unit that sports some of the same features and likely some other impressive specifications. According to the source and a design for a new piece of tech Samsung is reportedly working on, the potential piece of hardware will have a similar albeit slightly more slim look to them than what can be seen with the HoloLens.

Samsung is referring to this unit as a "wearable display apparatus" for the time being, and it's said to be equipped with augmented reality/Holography technology as well as 3D cameras and displays which are similar to that of what's found on Google Glass. Thanks to the technology and display types that Samsung is said to be using with this new headset, the wearer can move around freely unlike when a user might be wearing Samsung's Gear VR virtual reality headset. The display is said to be holographic much like Microsoft's HoloLens, allowing for what the wearer would be seeing to be displayed in front of them while also being able to see other things in the real world like their surrounding environments.

Samsung is also incorporating multiple ways for the user to control the content on the headset, both by speech or by use of an equipped touch sensitive pad similar to what they have employed on the Samsung Gear VR. Aside from these two methods listed above, gesture controls are also said to be incorporated and there is a speculation of the possibility that Samsung may introduce Bluetooth controls through the use of a Bluetooth connected device, again, similar to the way you can hook up a Bluetooth gamepad to the Gear VR. 3D cameras were also mentioned, and it appears that Samsung is working to develop a set of dual cameras which are capable of reproducing three-dimensional imagery in front of the wearer for uses with 3D photo and 3D video capture. So far there are no details on when Samsung might be ready to launch a device like this, but chances are it's still in earlier stages.

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