Samsung Patent Reveals Smartwatch Display Which Moves

Samsung is known to be a company who likes to think different. The Galaxy Note Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge are prime examples of this. As such, Samsung is known to be a company who takes innovation seriously. So much so, that they consistently seem to be considering every aspect of every product and more often than not, patenting aspects which might be of use to them on future devices.

Over the last few months, we have seen an abundance of patents from Samsung coming to the surface and highlighting possible future device features. Some of the patents which have recently been noted, include patents for foldable tablet displays, possible extended edges that wrap around the back of the device and even a fingerprint scanner which does not require the scanner to be touched. Well, joining the ranks of the ever-growing list of Samsung patents is a new one which focuses on an interesting smartwatch feature.

In short, the patent details what is essentially a smartwatch face which can self-adjust its position to be best viewed by the user. The smartwatch face seems to work on a sort of pivot and therefore, can adjust from its resting position to almost fully out of its casing. If you are wondering how Samsung plans to achieve this, then the answer is simple. The smartwatch will come touting a built-in camera which tracks the user's face and when prompted (said to be verbal prompted instead of gesture based), the watch face will adjust its position to match the camera tracked position of the user's face. This may sound like overkill to some users but it would seem the idea is geared towards those who might be otherwise disposed (driving, carrying something, etc) and by verbally prompting the watch, the face can adjust so the user can see the time without having to physically adjust their wrist.

Of course, this is just a patent at the moment and there are no known details of when (or even if) this could make it into an actual Samsung watch. Not to mention, the patents seem to clearly highlight what is a rectangular display which is something Samsung is expected to move away from in their upcoming watches and therefore, the original patent is probably somewhat older. Either way though, the principle would remain the same and could be something Samsung plan to implement in one of their upcoming smartwatches.

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