Samsung Galaxy S6 Immersed Into Pepsi On YouTube

Two of the worst calamities that can befall a modern smartphone are to either be dropped onto a hard floor, or to be immersed (dropped, or splashed with) into a liquid. Today, I'm covering a piece about dunking a smartphone into a liquid but I am not writing about freshwater here. As it turns out, freshwater is one of the relatively kind liquids to spill into your device. Seawater, alcoholic beverages, sweetened tea or coffee, milk or carbonated (fizzy) drinks are tougher on the device as they encourage internal corrosion much quicker than freshwater. Some devices are toughened against dust and water, such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony Xperia Z range, whereas others have a water resistant coating applied inside and out, such as the Motorola Moto devices. Other devices purport to have neither of these protections but can still survive a dunking in liquid, although this is absolutely not recommended!

One such device appears to be the Samsung Galaxy S6. Now for 2014, Samsung made a big deal out of providing the Galaxy S5 with a waterproof coating. There are some compromises with providing a waterproof chassis, namely if the chassis is designed to keep water out, it can make it harder for heat to escape. There are also concessions to make mad around the battery, charger port and any expansion memory card slots. Sony have given their flagship Z range of devices a waterproof design since late 2012 and until recently have only started using a waterproof MicroUSB design. For 2015, Samsung dropped the dust and water ingress rating from the Galaxy S6's specification sheet along with the replaceable battery and MicroSD slot. For customers wanting a more life proof device, Samsung will happily sell you the Galaxy S6 Active, which includes water resistance. However, what were to happen to your Galaxy S6 if you were to drop it into a bowl of Pepsi-Cola?

For most of us, this is a thought that might wake us up in the middle of the night but for YouTuber "adrianisen," he decided to find out. He dropped the Galaxy S6 into a plastic container full of Pepsi just to find out and the answer appears to be a "yes," at least on the face of it. This was not a simple splash of Pepsi but three minutes! However, the YouTube clip below does not test the earpiece or microphone afterwards and again I would reiterate this: do not try this at home. It's possible that a little bit of Pepsi inside the device could cause damage over the coming weeks and months.

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