Rumor: Samsung May Delay European Launch Of Galaxy Note 5

July 14, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

As the end of the Summer and the beginning of the Fall continues to approach, so does the launch of Samsung’s next big flagship device. The Galaxy Note 5 has been all but announced but over the past few weeks or more there have been a handful of rumors and other details leaking out which point out specifics about the upcoming phablet from Samsung. One of the more recent has been surrounding the possibility that Samsung may opt to launch the Galaxy Note 5 on August 12th with a sale date starting on August 21st ahead of the usually expected IFA where past Galaxy Note devices have been announced and launched thereafter.

Now, the latest details suggest that the Galaxy Note 5 may not launch in Europe alongside the other regions and bigger markets where it’s expected. Typically Samsung launches their big devices in a handful of the largest markets and then rolls them out to other smaller markets as time goes, so not having the Galaxy Note 5 launching in Europe seems like a pretty big deal. This rumor stems from the fact that Galaxy Note 5 firmware development for the European region has been halted for the time being, seemingly, which doesn’t explicitly state that Europe will not see the Galaxy Note 5 at launch but it certainly does raise the question if Samsung plans to hold off on the European market a little longer.

Meanwhile, the same details point to other large markets seeing the phone launch on the expected days, including markets like North America, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, and Asia. Speculation pegs the Galaxy Note 5 may just launch a little later than expected. Another rumor also suggested that Samsung may choose to launch the rumored Galaxy S6 Plus alongside the Galaxy Note 5 this year, which may be part of why Samsung could possibly be delaying a launch of their next phablet in Europe. If there is a delay, the European market may end up seeing the Galaxy Note 5 launch sometime around the usual time frame, which is after an announcement at IFA. For now these are just rumors, but more details should leak out the closer it gets to an actual announcement and launch date.