Rumor: Nokia Hiring Within Wearable Division

Nokia Logo AH2

Wearables have become more popular in recent years. Now with smartphones and tablets, it’s not unusual to see consumers walk around wearing a new wristband that keeps track of health based stats while doing your daily routine or a smartwatch. Nokia seems to be working on a development that will land into the wearable category. This is all speculation of course as of right now, but there looks to be a bit of proof that suggests Nokia may have something in the works in the wearable division. What’s great about this rumor, it’s likely to be proven true or stamped out by the end of the month.

The Finnish company Nokia has an event set for July 28th where the development of a smartwatch or wristband of some sort may be officially announced.  Earlier this year it was revealed that Nokia was already developing a smartwatch known as the Moonraker, a project that has supposedly been killed off after Nokia was acquired by Microsoft. However, there’s a chance that the project was brought back to life and tinkered with for an official announcement later this month. Nokia’s upcoming event is titled “Nowhere: Now Here” which has left many of us baffled as to what exactly Nokia has up their sleeves but one possibility could be the reveal of their first smartwatch.

A job description for Nokia was discovered on LinkedIn and the description for the job reads as follows:

“As a member of the team, you will develop algorithms for extracting meaning from noisy data, and you will be able to precisely quantify the quality of the results, both from your own algorithms, but also from datasets that come from a variety of wearable devices.”

It’s important to note that Nokia’s job listing mentions a variety of wearable devices. There’s a chance that Nokia might be working on a few wearable devices such as a fitness wristband, smartwatch, and even a virtual reality based headset. I would like to further point out that this supposed VR headset that Nokia is rumored to be working on is another highly speculative device that Nokia might reveal during the July 28th event.