Rumor: Glass Enterprise Edition Not Available To Consumers


For a concept which was reported to be dead in the water at the start of this year, Google Glass has been making a significant number of headlines of late. Much of the recent news has centered around what is firmly being dubbed the Enterprise Edition of Glass. This is in contrast to the Explorer Edition of Glass that most Glass wearers will be more familiar with. As the name suggests, the Enterprise version is expected to be one which is more geared and aimed towards the business and enterprise sectors.

In fact, only last week the latest report emerged on the Enterprise Edition of Glass which suggested that this version will come packing improvements in the hardware and battery life. In particular, the Enterprise Edition could come with an Intel Atom processor, a larger prism and the ability to connect to external battery packs offering a greater ability to remain on for prolonged periods. All features which presumably would add benefit to an enterprise-focused version of Glass. Well, the latest on this version of Glass, is that it would seem the Enterprise Edition is not only geared towards the enterprise sector, it will be exclusively only for that industry. According to information obtained by 9To5 Google (source link below), the Enterprise Edition will not be available to the wider public or as a consumer model and instead will be distributed through the Glass for Work partners only.

Those who have been following the Glass news will remember that a product appeared on the FCC recently which detailed the codename ‘GG1’. While some of the features in the listing suggested this was in fact Google Glass, other features like the 5 GHz connection suggested that it was a bit much for a consumer version of Glass. According to 9To5 Google, it is these features that are designed to better suit the needs of Enterprise companies and not the average consumer. In fact, the report goes on to suggest that the Enterprise Edition is already very much into its testing phase with a number of devices being tested in the wild. Further adding, that they will be available to Glass for Work partners to input their own UI to make them more customizable to their own business and industry needs. With the attention and reports becoming more frequent of late, it should not be too long before the next generation of Glass is actually unveiled and the details in full become known.