RootMetrics Ranks the Big 4 Carriers in US Airports

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Throughout the year, RootMetrics puts out reports on each of the four carriers, showing us how they’ve improved or gotten worse. There are also reports for many markets as well as the US as a whole. RootMetrics also has a report for the top 50 US Airports. Which shows us which carrier has the best speed at each of these airports. That’s the report the company is releasing today. Surprisingly, LAX showed up as #48 out of the top 50. When it is one of the most busiest airports in the country.

What’s interesting here is that Verizon got the fastest median download and upload speeds. Recording 68.8Mbps down and 40.4Mbps upload at Midway International in Chicago. Once more, Verizon’s reliability was about as close to perfect as you can get. Scoring 97%, at 49 of the 50 airports which RootMetrics tested.

While LAX was 48th out of the top 50, Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airfield was number one. This is important because they are the single-most busiest airport in the country, serving over 45 million passengers annually. RootMetrics stated that a 45-minute HD video would take a little less than two minutes to download at Atlanta’s airport, compared to about 13 hours at Los Angeles’ airport, and this is all on T-Mobile’s network.

The top five airports with the fastest speeds included Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson, followed by Cleveland Hopkins International, Southwest Florida International, San Jose International, and Dallas Love Field coming in fifth.

As far as RootMetrics awards go, Verizon still came out on top. With 29 awards on the airport level. T-Mobile came in second with 20 awards, AT&T at 13 awards. Sprint won 0 awards in this test, however RootMetrics did state that their network has shown improvement in reliability.

There you have it. Lots of changes over the previous report on the top 50 airports in the US. Which you can see that report here. For instance, Verizon had 31 awards in the second half of 2014 report, with T-Mobile at 17, AT&T at 10 and Sprint at 1. As well as ATL going from 7th in the second half of 2014, to number one in the first half of 2015. Some networks are improving, some well aren’t. It’s always nice to have reports from the likes of RootMetrics, as they are not biased, which is important.