QiLaunch Revolutionizes Android's Interface Experience

Quantum Interface is a company with a strong motivation to innovate the stalled user interface experience. To the company, most applications deliver the same kind of dull UI without any significant interactions with the user. This is why Quantum Interface acquainted itself with the task of developing a unique Interface Architecture Platform based primarily on movement to enhance the way users interact with their own handsets. The Interface Architecture Platform is conformed by eight modules, all of which provide users with an array of different functions while being both predictive and responsive to motion. The first module, called Carousel, was announced and released inside a smartwatch launcher application; Carousel was greatly praised by the media for being rather simple and practical. Today, a new launcher was released that implements the second module of Quantum Interface's Architecture Platform, with the main goal of bringing a similar experience from smartwatches to Android-powered handheld devices. Quantum Interface's latest innovation is an app called QiLaunch, which promises to bring the speed and ease that characterizes the company's other services.

Spread is the second of eight modules that have been released to the public and it essentially allows the user to quickly reveal multiple levels of menus with a simple tap. This creates an incredibly straightforward and responsive environment where the user can seamlessly launch any application or task without any major effort. The new launcher called QiLaunch, was just released in a beta testing phase from which the developers hope to get enough feedback to tweak the overall experience so that it meets the users' exact usage style and is free of bugs before a public release. QiLaunch is a complete overhaul of the current launcher experience, as the newly released app provides Android users with expandable and scrollable radial menus, which refine the way interactions between the user and their device work. The main advantage of multilevel radial menus is that all content inside the user's device can be quickly accessed with minimal movement or effort; according to the company, no other interface can compete with the simplicity that this type of navigation offers, and has even claimed that the platform is the fastest available in the market.

Quantum Interface stated that it will not be limited to smartwatches or smartphones, and that at some point in the near future, the other six modules from the company's Interface Architecture Platform will make their way into other gadgets, ranging from different wearables to virtual reality experiences and even connected automobiles. Quantum Interface is also planning to implement all of these different modules into a single software development kit, so that other developers can add this type of navigation into their own apps and platforms. QiLaunch will be available starting today for members of the company's private beta; so if you want to test the newly released innovative launcher, you have to first apply at the company's website.

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