Play Store To Get New Animation Tweaks Soon

Android lollipop brought material design and a whole lot of life and vibrancy to devices with the inclusion of new bold colors and the use of animations throughout the system and UI. Much of this animation use has extended to into other applications as well, and the Play Store is a great example of this having already implemented animations in various layers of the app. It seems more animations are poised to be on their way though as Google's Kirill Grouchnikov has posted up a little teaser if you will which highlights some animation tweaks that will be coming the Play Store in an upcoming update, alongside some changes to the "what's new" section of app page listings.

The new animations will not be laden throughout the entire Play Store app, although they will be adding on as a piece to the whole thing in addition to other animations which already exist for some users. According to Grouchnikov's post the animations are coming to the Characters page as you can see from the GIF image, showing the transition from the list of popular characters to a page that includes apps and games which have those characters in them. This particular new animation set will end up on devices "soon" although there is no detail on exactly when the update will reach devices. This certainly won't affect the functionality of the app in any way with some awesome new feature capabilities, but the animations are pleasing to look at and it helps to polish out Google's vision for the way things with material design and the lively animations are supposed to look.

Kirill also states that a slight overhaul of the what's new section on app page listings is coming in the update with the new character page animations, and while things aren't changing too much visually there is a clear distinction in the old and new versions. This change is described as very minor and that's about as accurate as it could get since all that's changing is the colors of the text inside the green box of the details about what's new for apps and games during an update, as well as the box itself which will be a slightly lighter shade of green. Again, this is a change which won't add in awesome new functions, but it's a slight visual change to enhance the look and appeal.

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