OneTab Cleans Up Open Chrome Tabs To Improve System Performance

Google Chrome was released as a browser designed to clean up the traditional user interface of a web browser and instead replace it with something cleaner. Under the skin, the Chrome browser was originally designed to be similarly clean and slick but over the years. Over the years, the Chrome browser has become increasingly less smooth and clean and the amount of memory it uses has increased. Each browser tab creates a new process for the operating system and increases the memory requirements of the browser, which is true if the browser is running on anything from an Android device through a Chromebook to a high end Windows desktop; this can make even a powerful system noticeably less responsive as the operating system has to juggle memory around. If Chrome starts to use virtual memory, this can decelerate the system still further. It seems that Chrome's strength can also be a weakness, but there is an innovative solution that could be a lifeline if you frequently have several tabs open at the same time. That solution is OneTab.

OneTab is a browser extension for the Chrome browser (and also for the Firefox browser) that condenses open tabs into a single one. By doing so, it reduces the overhead on the computer system by cleaning up CPU processes and reducing the memory footprint, which should help performance across the rest of the operating system. The extension works in a simple way, too: when you wish to condense your open tabs into one, just click on the OneTab button. The OneTab browser will do its magic and you'll have a single tab showing. In here, you see all of the previously opened tabs in a list arranged in date and time order. You can restore a single tab by clicking on it, or you can use the Restore All or Delete All tabs, which does the obvious as you would expect from the command name. There's also another nifty feature, which is the ability to share all tabs as a web page. This is a handy way for sharing a collection of links with a friend or co-worker. There are also options to name a collection of tabs, lock these to the browser or star them. Think of these are bookmarks on steroids.

As such, OneTab can be used to deal with bookmarks as it allows you to group together a collection of bookmarks quicker than it might be to save the individual items: if you have particular things you do at different times of the day on your browser, the ability to save a collection for different duties is excellent. Is it a better solution to bookmarking pages you will need to refer to later? Or to saving a page for offline viewing later, perhaps in a different application? This likely depends on the performance of your computer and your Internet connection, but it is good to have options. It also helps that OneTab is both completely free and advert free.

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