OnePlus Rooting Warranty Maintained For The OnePlus 2

AH OnePlus 2 Boot Screen 2

Now that the OnePlus 2 is here, at least in terms of its announcement and details confirmed, much of the talk is likely to move on to dissecting the device and in particular, how it stacks up to the OnePlus One. Although, many devices are usually compared against their counterparts of the day, the OnePlus One is such a popular device, that to shift those owners away from the One, requires detailed examination of the benefits in leaving their One behind. For instance, there has already been much talk of the absence of the NFC features on the OnePlus 2, which was present on the OnePlus One. If you missed the earlier announcements, then you can follow the link to check out all the known OnePlus 2 specifications.

Another feature of the One, was that users had some assurances from OnePlus that tinkering with their phone (namely rooting and unlocking the bootloader) would not void their warranty. For those that enjoyed changing up their ROM or OS, this was a welcomed relief as many manufacturers do consider a warranty invalid if the device has been altered in any way and including when rooted. Well, the early indications are the OnePlus 2 will enjoy the same liberation as the OnePlus One and owners of the new device will be able to root their device without having to worry about whether it will affect their ability to return the device, should there be any mechanical issues.

That said, it does need to be made clear that the routing warranty on the OnePlus 2 is exactly the same as the one offered for the OnePlus One. Therefore, if you root your device then your warranty remains intact. However, if rooting your device or unlocking the bootloader is the cause of the issue for returning the device (or OnePlus can attribute any of the issues to the tinkering), then the warranty will be voided. So if you are planning on picking up a OnePlus 2 on August 11th (invite required) then you can do so knowing that you are still somewhat protected when rooting. Just not protected from the act of rooting itself.