OnePlus 2 Video Gallery

AH OnePlus 2 11

With the OnePlus 2 event officially over, a handful of OnePlus 2 videos have been posted to OnePlus’ YouTube channel going over aspects of the device. OnePlus started things off weeks ago by showing a teaser video with a fan listing off his favorite OnePlus 2 features. This video was more of a joke for fans watching, as OnePlus censored out every single feature that was talked about by the fan. This was meant to hype up other interested customers and fans of the device. Just last week OnePlus posted their second video on the device which shows one lucky fan getting to be the very first person to see the OnePlus 2 in its entirety as he gets to unbox the device to take a look at it.

By now many people already know the specs, and if you missed the event you can check out our specs post here for the specifics and details, as well as the posts for availability in the U.S. and worldwide pricing for the regions where the OnePlus 2 will be sold.