OnePlus 2 Sketches Reveal New Details inc 8MP Front Camera

July 1, 2015 - Written By John Anon

OnePlus news has been in abundance recently, although, the number of reports today has seemed to escalate significantly. This all began this morning when it emerged that three different model numbers were appearing on a Bluetooth SIG listing. Although, they were not confirmed as all OnePlus 2 models, this was the assumption being made. This was then followed by an official announcement from OnePlus detailing that their take on Google’s Cardboard 2.0 will be available to purchase starting from July 3rd. Now, it seems some more images are appearing detailing what can be expected from the OnePlus 2.

First up, these are not the first images we have seen of late. Last weekend saw images emerge which were apparently of the OnePlus 2 (although, this is now being debated) and these were following on from a pencil filter image which surfaced earlier the same day. However, the latest images obtained from Business insider (source link below) highlight sketches of the OnePlus 2 and seem to confirm some of the specs we already know, as well as providing a glimpse of what else is on offer.

What is probably the biggest revelation from the new sketches is that the front facing camera is being upgraded to an 8-megapixel camera (compared to the 5-megapixel on the OnePlus One). Sticking with the cameras, the new sketches also highlight there is a dual-lens camera on the back, which is positioned above the already confirmed fingerprint sensor. Note, although the weekend images of the OnePlus 2 are having their authenticity debated, the spacing of the dual-lens, the sensor and the mid-way positioning of the OnePlus logo all seem to be in sync with those images. Following on, the sketches also appear to show the metal frame which will surround the OnePlus 2 (at least the base of the device) and this is indicated to be stainless steel. Lastly, the images also seem to confirm the inclusion of the already announced Type-C port on the bottom and further highlighting their validity. Of course, none of these images have been confirmed as real and even if they are real, the age of the sketches and how close they are to the final product will remain unknown. Until July 27th that is.

oneplus 2 sketch 2