Video: OnePlus 2 OxygenOS 2.0 Software Overview

AH OnePlus 2 73

At some point late last year it was clear that the future of OnePlus phones would no longer be powered by CyanogenOS, the operating system that no doubt sparked the initial interests into the acclaimed budget flagship.  This gave birth to OnePlus own version of Android, powered by a team that encompasses veterans from the Android development scene including members of the popular Paranoid Android ROM team.  This OS was called OxygenOS and made its debut back in April on the OnePlus One, and while it wasn’t really anything special or unique among stock Android ROMs out there it showed a lot of promise under the hood.

At Monday’s OnePlus 2 event in San Francisco we got a nice long hands on with the new flagship phone from the now famous Chinese startup, and that included a near-final release of OxygenOS 2.0.  OxygenOS 2.0 shows some significant strides in development and now shows plenty of unique traits that can’t be found on other manufacturer’s skins of Android.  Visually it looks very much like stock Android 5.1 Lollipop, the OS that it’s built upon, but the features list is now gaining ground on the one offered by CyanogenOS on the OnePlus One.  Check out our full hands-on video below with the OS and let us know how you think OxygenOS is coming along.  This isn’t the final build and there’s likely plenty more to come once the phone officially launches in two weeks, so stay tuned for our final review when the phone is complete!