Video: OnePlus 2 Otterbox Drop Test!

AH OnePlus 2 Otterbox 7

Monday’s OnePlus 2 event in San Francisco proved to be a very fruitful one for the company.  Now on their second phone OnePlus gave us a hands-on with the new phone, showing off not just the phone itself but all different interchangeable backs with it too.  This wasn’t the end of the accessory list that was planned to be available for the new phone, and as we were told OnePlus is once again working with a number of partners on the new phone that’ll add some extra value to the mix.  Maxx Audio and SwiftKey are among the software partners, but on the hardware side engineers from OnePlus have worked hand in hand with designers from the famous Otterbox to create a case that’s going to be ready for launch.

Not every phone out there gets an Otterbox, so it’s certainly something special when this happens.  Not only that but Otterbox offers protection that most others out there just can’t match, although normally you pay a premium to get that.  This time around OnePlus is doing what it does best; offering a great product for less money, and the Otterbox case for the OnePlus 2 is meeting that expectation by selling for $25 instead of the usual $50 or so that a normal Otterbox case goes for.  Does this mean it’s cheaper than the others or doesn’t work as well?  We got representatives from OnePlus to perform a live drop test on the phone with the Otterbox on it, so be sure to check out the video below to see how well it does in the test!