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Of late, there has been quite a few devices hitting the market. Not to mention, with the second half of the year now commencing, there will be a lot more to come. That said, one of those which has been generating a decent level of interest is the latest offering from ZTE, in the form of the Axon Phone. Now, over the last few weeks, this phone has seen a number of leaked images emerging as well as leaked details on the specs. However, all the leaked stuff seemed to come to an end when the device more recently passed through the FCC and saw its announcement scheduled for July 14th.

Well, with just a few days left until that launch arrives, it looks like ZTE is preparing for the launch as they have now updated the official website (source link below) for the device. As such, a couple more details have become known. In terms of what's new, the website now notes that there will be an emphasis on the Axon Phone's audio playback quality. In particular, detailing that this will be "the first true high-fidelity phone available in the US." Further emphasising that the Axon will allow you to listen and record music "the way they were meant to be heard." Not to mention, Hi-Fi recording will be utilised with the use of twin microphones.


Moving on and confirming what was already hinted at previously, the Axon Phone will come equipped with a Dual-lens camera on the back. Not to mention, the device will be capable of 4K video recording as well. In terms of the other details offered from the website, the Axon Phone will make use of a "simplified Android Interface" (this presumably means a close to stock experience), 4GB RAM, a "lightning fast processor" and a "larger battery". Of course, some of these details like the processor and battery do not provide anything tangible in their descriptions. Not to mention, there was no indications on how much the device will be. However, with the launch scheduled for only a couple of days away, it won't be long until everything becomes clear.

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