Nokia Will Only License Brand And Not Before Q4 2016

There has been a number of rumors doing the rounds in recent weeks. In fact, in terms of those rumors, some of what would be considered the old guard of the mobile world have been showing their faces again. Recently, rumors have emerged that BlackBerry are planning on releasing an android smartphone (or maybe even two). While, even more interestingly was the recent rumors that Nokia might be planning a resurgence into the mobile market as well.

As such, over the last few weeks and months there has been a number of will they/won't they reports coming through regarding Nokia. With some of the most recent suggesting that a Nokia branded smartphone could be available sometime in 2016. Well, it seems the rumors have been vigorous enough that Nokia have taken to releasing an official statement on the matter today to try and provide some clarity on the rumors and speculation.

The official statement, entitled 'Nokia comments on media speculation about mobile devices', provides little clarity on whether they will actually enter the market or not. In fact, the statement even specifically details that "it's complicated" to answer the question. The statement does make it clear that nothing could happen with Nokia (outside of Microsoft) until the fourth quarter of 2016 and furthermore, details that if anything was to happen, then it could only happen with certain manufacturer partners. As Nokia states, the only way they could re-enter the smartphone market, would be through a brand licensing model. As the company previously sold its manufacturing and distribution arms in 2014, Nokia states they would need to find the "right company" who can accommodate the "heavy lifting" needed to be able to bring to market a Nokia branded device. The statement concludes with Nokia stating that nothing is certainly going to happening with them before the already mentioned Q4 of 2016 date. That said, in spite of all the statements, Nokia do not rule out their intention to re-enter the market and instead just detail the issues with such a re-entry. You can read the official statement in full by hitting the source link below.

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