Nokia To Hold A VIP Event In Los Angeles On July 28th

Nokia event teaser 1

Nokia has been all over the news recently. The company wants to off-load HERE Maps in the future, and it seems like they’re planning to get back to the smartphone market as well. The fallen giant has already released an Android-powered tablet last year, and even though its availability is extremely limited at the time, it’s a really solid offering by this Finnish company. Many people want to see them return to the smartphone market and introduce a full-fledged Android smartphones. The company seems to be planning to do that next year when their ban lifts (they’re not allowed to manufacture smartphones just yet as part of selling Devices and Business divisions to Microsoft), but they need a ‘world-class’ partner in order to do that.

That being said, Nokia is trying to purchase Alcatel-Lucent, and that deal is expected to go through in Q1 2016. For a second, we thought that Meizu and Nokia will partner up, but Meizu’s teaser seemed to be unrelated to Nokia as a company after all. As you can see, there’s a lot going on with this Finland-based company, speaking of which, Nokia has announced that they’ll send out invitations soon for their VIP event in Los Angeles on July 28th. This comes as a bit of a surprise actually, and we’re wondering what will the company announce in the US. There are several possibilities, of course. The first thing that comes to mind is a second-gen N1 tablet, considering that the first-gen Nokia N1 was announced last year. It is also possible that Nokia has found the partner company they were looking for and are planning to announce a partnership in the US. These are just some of our guesses, of course, it’s possible that they intend to announce a device we’re not aware exists yet, or perhaps something HERE Maps-related.

There you have it folks, Nokia will send out invites soon and will hopefully give us a clue of what they intend to announce. Either way, we’ll let you know if new info pops up in the meantime, so stay tuned for that.