Nextbit CEO Confirms Foxconn Manufacturing Smartphone


There has been quite the few rumors being thrown around of late. While most of them have been for specific devices, a number of them have been surrounding newer devices (or devices from refreshed companies if you believe the Nokia and BlackBerry rumors which keep surfacing). One of the most recent announcements which has come though, came from Nextbit. The company announced only a few days ago that they were moving in a new direction for their company and were in the early stage of developing their own smartphone. At the time, little to no details were provided about the device, other than it can be expected going forward.

Well, now that the device is known and known to be coming, it is only a matter of time before more details begin to surface and the first of which looks to be emerging today. Engadget, while talking with Nextbit's CEO, Tom Moss, at the RISE conference in Hong kong, were told that it is Foxconn who will be making their debut device. Interestingly, Foxconn were one of the names who was recently mentioned to be working on the also highly rumored new Nokia android device too. As such, it seems Foxconn (if both news pieces are to be believed) are really pushing forward with their presence within the smartphone sphere. Which is actually something that Foxconn has made clear is their intention before.


Of course, neither the confirmation of Foxconn as the manufacturer or the original announcement provided anything too revealing about what to be expected spec wise from the device. However, Moss did point out that their device will "easily stand out" from everything else that is currently available on the market. Moss did also point out that the device will be affordably priced, drawing on the conclusion that android devices do not do (or sell) so well when they are priced in the top tier. As such, it seems the $400 marker as a top price point, was likely to be the case. Closing out, although not explaining why, Moss did point out that when you see the phone, you will love it.

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