New Hive 2 Thermostat Looks Incredibly Sleek

In the current time we live in within the world, it's all about instant gratification. We fashion smartphones, tablets, and even smartwatches as of late but what about common household appliance and electronics? Something as simple as a thermostat has been given an overhaul recently thanks to products likes the Nest. Now for UK residents only, a new thermostat will be releasing into markets that will not only offer you a new tech and sleek thermostat in your house but one that will be incredibly easy to operate. This new product is known as the Hive 2 by British Gas, the second model installment to within the Hive lineup and one that will be eye catching to a wide range of consumers.

If you're a resident within the UK and already own the Hive from British Gas then chances are you're with me when I say it's dull. There's nothing too special aesthetically that would cause a second glance and thankfully the company behind the Hive took looks into consideration when they developed the Hive 2. With collaboration from designer Yves B©har, the design looks sleek with minimum buttons to get in the way of the overall display. With the three buttons, there is a scroll wheel displayed right in the middle of the display.

While the front of the device is kept manageable with fewer buttons to worry about, there are two buttons tucked away on top of the Hive 2. These two buttons will grant consumers the ability to boost heating along with hot water options.

Programming is said to be incredibly simple as well with on-screen instructions guiding you all the way. Though we can also point out that the lack of buttons and a more simplistic approach to the overall design will make operating and navigating settings a breeze to do. Similar to the Nest, the Hive 2 also features an application for your smartphone that will grant consumers the ability to make any adjustments desired for the thermostat straight from their phone.

Another neat little collaboration that the end consumer will like is with Dulux paint. Consumers who decide to purchase the Hive 2 will have an array of various colors for its casing. Some of the choices from the official Hive Home website include Mulberry Burst, Redcurrant Glory, Cooper Blush, Lemon Punch, and Teal Tension. It's pretty safe to say that they'll have a design and color to match The Hive 2 with your particular room setup design.

Currently, the dispatch date for The Hive 2 is August 17, 2015, where it will run first-time buyers £249 for the thermostat, hub, receiver, Hive application, and the professional installation. Although, if you already own the original Hive then you'll have a special discount of just £99 to which all that will be required for install is the thermostat.


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