Names For Possible New Motorola Phones Get Leaked

Motorola AH 03837

Motorola’s event took place on Tuesday, where the company introduced their newest mid-range offering, the Moto G, as well as two Moto X devices, the true flagship would be the Moto X Style and the Moto X Play has specs that belong to the upper mid-range. We had a lot of leaks before the event occurred, so we pretty much knew what to expect, but there was an image showing the back covers of the three announced devices, plus a fourth one, which we can assume belongs to a phone that will be introduced soon.

That mysterious back cover apparently belongs to a phone of Motorola’s lineup for Verizon, which is usually called the Droid. Earlier today the back cover leaked once more, matching the one we saw before, as it had the same textured pattern made out of triangles and the same design language including the metallic plate around the camera. What’s interesting though, is that the cover integrates what’s needed for wireless charging support, a feature missing from the phones that were recently introduced. It’s not strange to see additional features in the Droid lineup, as last year’s Droid Turbo was the first Motorola device to sport a QHD display, while even the flagship device had a Full HD screen.

Now, the famous leakster @evleaks has shared some information about the names of Motorola’s Droid devices. They will apparently be called MAXX 2 and Turbo 2. Whether these are 2 different devices or the same one with different names for the regions where it will be sold is not clear at this point. Last year, the Droid Turbo was released for Verizon while internationally it became known as Moto Maxx. We haven’t heard any rumored specifications yet, but if the new models are successors to the aforementioned last year devices, we could expect specs close to if not better than the ones included in the new Moto X models, plus a very large battery as those models included one of 3,900 mAh. That user leaked the name of the Moto X Play, so the new names might turn out to be true and possibly we won’t have to wait too long before the official announcement.