Mugen Power LG G4 6,200mAh Battery Announced

When it comes to owning a portable device, one of the main concerns for any owner is battery life. Being portable means that you are destined to always need to be finding a charger and making sure your device is topped up and can get you through the day. That said, with virtually all of the flagships out there, the battery coming included with your flagship is designed by nature to have a higher capacity. For the flagships, it currently seems the capacity standard is somewhere around the 3000mAh marker. The Galaxy S6s are the exception to this rule, although these phones do come with wireless charging. Of course, you can always buy an external battery pack, but who wants to carry an extra device with them just to ensure the first device they are carrying remains charged.

Well, that is where Mugen come in. The company routinely release their own batteries for most major devices and the one difference between their option and the manufacturer's, is the Mugen power option is very powerful. Take the LG G4 for instance. The battery which comes on board the G4 is a 3,000mAh battery. Mugen has now announced their battery for the G4 and this one comes touting a massive 6,200mAh battery. As you can pretty much guess, twice the capacity means twice the battery life. That's the theory at least. On this point, Mugen is actually claiming that their battery option will offer 2.07 times the power of your standard G4 battery.

Of course, if is was just as simple as building a bigger battery, then most manufacturers would do that to begin with. However, building a bigger battery normally affects the form factor of the device and this seems to be the case with this one. That said, carrying a G4 with a more protruding battery has still got to be less space consuming in your pocket, than carrying the phone and a separate battery pack. If you do own a G4 and are in need of a battery with the type of power offered by the Mugen option, then they are now available to order for $89.50 (source link below). Although, the shipping date is currently listed as August 7th.

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