MetroPCS Intros 'Mexico Unlimited'

1280px MetroPCS store Ypsilanti Township Michigan

Today, T-Mobile’s ‘Mobile without Borders’ feature goes live. This means that you can cross the border to our neighboring countries – Canada and Mexico – and still use your phone like you were in the US. That means unlimited LTE data, not EDGE like there is in over 120 other countries that support T-Mobile’s Global Roaming.

T-Mobile’s prepaid brand, MetroPCS, today announced “Mexico Unlimited”. It’s pretty similar to Mobile Without Borders, except, no Canada this time around. With Mexico Unlimited, MetroPCS subscribers can get calling and texting and data like they would in the US. Without any extra charge through 2016. However, after 2016 it’ll be $5 per line per month. MetroPCS’ “Mexico Unlimited” will be available starting on August 31st.

“Boost and Cricket offer you exactly ZERO data coverage in Mexico, so the moment you cross the Mexican border, your phone becomes a brick as far as data’s concerned. Are they for real?” said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile. “MetroPCS already delivers a blazing fast prepaid LTE network, the best prepaid plans, the hottest devices, unmatched service and value. Now MetroPCS is busting down the border to deliver a great experience for data AND calling to Mexico that the other prepaid guys can’t touch.”

Starting August 31st, MetroPCS customers with a $40 or higher rate plan can walk into a MetroPCS store or go online and add Mexico Unlimited to their plan. So while you’re in Mexico you will get unlimited 4G LTE data, as well as unlimited minutes for calling mobile and landlines in the US and Mexico. Texts are also included. It’s a great plan, especially for those that live near the border of Mexico and cross over often. As it means your phone is still usable while you are in Mexico. We can’t say that about many of the other carriers. Sure AT&T bought up two carriers in Mexico, but they are still working to build out their network with Nextel and Lusacell. And this is after AT&T already spent $4 billion to buy those two carriers.

It’s a great feature for those on MetroPCS, and even at $5 per line per month, it’s still not a bad price, considering what you get. If you disagree, go and check out the roaming fees for the other three carriers.