Meizu To Ditch The MX Pro Line, New Premium Device Inbound

AH Meizu Logo MX4 Pro 22

Meizu is one of the fastest growing OEM in China at the moment, perhaps even in the world. This company keeps on increasing their production capacity and selling more and more devices each month. Meizu has releasing a number of really solid devices in the last year or so, and each of them sported a really compelling price point, which is one of the reasons this company manages to sell that many devices actually. Meizu has recently released the M2 Note, MX5 and M2 handsets, two of which are mid-rangers, while the MX5 is the company’s newest flagship.

That being said, we have some bad news for those of you who were expecting to see the Meizu MX5 Pro this year. It seems like Meizu has decided to scrap the phone altogether. Meizu’s VP, Li Nan, was interviewed recently, and during the interview he said that Meizu wants to grow, to become a huge, important smartphone OEM. In order to do that, they plan to change some things in their business model, and release an ultra high-end device in the coming months, maybe even next year. The Meizu MX5 Pro might be scrapped in the process, and the MX5 might stand as the company’s only flagship this year it seems. It was said that the company will ‘abandon the MX Pro line eventually’, but the way he talked about the MX5 Pro, the device might not even launch. Meizu’s VP was unable to say when will the aforementioned premium device launch exactly, but he did say it will take some time considering we’re talking about a completely new device which will be the first of its kind.

Meizu has managed to ship 8.9 million handset in the first half of this year, which is a huge growth ofr this company. Judging by the way sales are going at the moment, the company might even break even this year, and make up for the 100 million loss they faced last year. There you have it, it seems like the MX5 Pro might get scrapped in favor of the upcoming premium offering by Meizu. Either way, we’ll report back if any additional news pop up, stay tuned.