Legere Reaffirms Willingness To Partner With Google/Comcast

July 30, 2015 - Written By John Anon

It has been a day of T-Mobile news if you are interested in the Uncarrier. The company has already today released is full figures for the second quarter of this year and further highlighting that it picked up a whole bunch of new subs. This was then followed by the news that T-Mobile was rated the most customer service oriented carrier in the latest findings from JD Power. As such, not a bad day for the Uncarrier.

Well, the last few months, the same carrier has been in the news spotlight quite frequently and thanks to a whole bunch of rumors circulating around the possibility of a merge with someone. By now, most will be familiar with the constant recent rumor that T-Mobile and Dish Network are in talks to bring about a union. However, the most recent news on that particular merger has suggested that those talks are looking more likely to remain just talks, with no significant progress being made. However, Dish are not the only company T-Mobile has been linked in merging with.

In fact, during today’s T-Mobile earnings conference call, CEO, John Legere, spoke specifically on the topic of merging and further reiterated his stance that T-Mobile are open to talking with a number of companies including Google and Comcast. In fact, Legere’s comments clearly suggest that to think of the industry as only the big four carriers will be “completely humorous” in the future. Once again, Legere drew attention to the entry of the likes of Google and Comcast while also added that they (T-Mobile) would be interested in partnering with either of them. This is not the first time T-Mobile has been linked with Comcast and even as recently as last month, reports emerged that they were in talks again. Not to mention, this is not the first time Legere has made similar comments. Of course, the voicing of the willingness of T-Mobile to partner with either company won’t automatically lead to any foreseeable partnerships, however, it does continue the notion that T-Mobile are thinking of partnership (with someone) in the long game. Not to mention, it casts further doubt over any near-term agreement between T-Mobile and Dish Network.