Latest HTC Videos Blind Test One M9, Galaxy S6 & iPhone 6

July 3, 2015 - Written By John Anon

There has been a number of big hitting smartphones landing already in 2015. Arguably, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and its alternate option, the Galaxy S6 Edge are the two most talked about. Although, they are not the only phones that have surfaced or worth checking out. Offerings have come from LG, HTC and of course, Apple. Generally speaking, most of the smartphones have been somewhat well received and have fell (generally) in line with what was expected from them, prior to their launch. That is, except for the HTC One M9. In spite of this device coming with high-end specs and a premium build quality, consumers have seemed less interested in the One M9. In fact, it would be fair to say that some consumers have even been disappointed in the device.

That said, the criticisms of the One M9 cannot really take away from the device, its specs or how well it performs and this is where HTC are hoping to convince consumers to buy the smartphone, over the likes of the Galaxy S6s, the LG G4 or the iPhone 6. In fact, if the latest videos from HTC are anything to go by, then the promoting of the specs in direct comparison to some of the other big-hitters is exactly what HTC are adopting as their marketing strategy.

The new videos from HTC see the One M9 travelling to Bondi Beach in Australia. There, it is pitted against both the Galaxy S6 and the iPhone 6 in a series of blind tests. The first video sees a selfie shootout between the iPhone 6 and the One M9. Following on from this, the second video highlights the audio qualities of the One M9, again compared to the iPhone 6. While the last video is an app race in which the speed of opening apps and doing things on the One M9 is pitted against the Galaxy S6. It probably won’t come as much of a surprise to you as to who wins all the challenges. That said, if you want to check out the videos in full (each runs about 2 minutes and thirty seconds) then you can by watching them below.