John Legere's Antics Are Genuinely Helping T-Mobile


If you've changed wireless carrier in the past year or so, you might have moved over to T-Mobile. Their fresh approach to a transparent billing system, unlimited data and more recently their unlimited music streaming to all makes them an attractive network. All of these new un-carrier motives are great and all, but it's their un-CEO, John Legere that probably got you interested in T-Mobile in the first place. Known for being loud, upfront and refreshing when speaking at events, he's also partial to constantly poking their competitors on Twitter, and causing the FCC the occasional headache. It might come across as unprofessional to some, but it seems to be working.

According to a new report by, T-Mobile has a high percentage of the "digital SOV" or 'share of voice' which essentially means that a whole lot of people are talking about T-Mobile, and a whole lot of people are listening to what Mr Legere has to say. It's not just buzz however, according to the report, there's a very real effect of all this resulting in "a clear correlation between tweet sentiment and net additions". As amusing as John Legere can be, it's not just his antics on social media that are helping but also the network's decision to "feature up and coming musical artists in its ads, creates youth oriented Un-carrier offerings (cost-conscious plans and deals on data and music streaming)".


The whole report can be found down below, and regardless of how you feel about Legere's behavior it appears to be working. While AT&T and Verizon now come across as old and stuffy brands that your parents might use, T-Mobile is driving forward with a fresh and cutthroat approach to marketing. Over time however, it might prove harder and harder for T-Mobile to win the admiration of younger users, but until that starts to happen, T-Mobile look set to continue to their success. It seems fitting that the un-carrier should have an un-CEO at the helm, and coupled with a trendy marketing campaign, it's all coming together for the magenta carrier.

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