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HTC Sense has long been regarded as one of the better OEM skins on the market competing with such rivals as Samsung's TouchWiz and Androids Material Design. The only caveat with using the UI, however, has been the fact that you need to purchase an HTC device that has the skin loaded on it. Otherwise, when you go the Play Store to download the Sense specific apps, you will be greeted with an error and a message stating that your device does not support the apps.

Normally things would end there but due to the high level of Android customization and the many active developers that work on the OS on a daily basis, users are now able to install Sense apps on any rooted device that has Xposed installed and is running Android 5.0 or later.


Xposed hit the Android scene a couple of years ago and quickly gained popularity as it allowed any rooted user to enjoy the benefits of a custom ROM without actually having to download a ROM. Xposed was able to achieve this by being able to make system-wide changes with nothing more than a simple download. The user would then be prompted to install "modules" that would give them different features and abilities.

XDA developers Woalk and digitalhigh were able to achieve this feat by creating an Xposed module that removes the "Unauthorized device – This app is not compatible with your phone." message that users see when they attempt to download any Sense specific apps. The aptly named module, Sensify, also allows users to run Blinkfeed with all the included plugins and features which that entails.

Last but not least, users will also be allowed to use the Theme engine that HTC introduced in HTC Sense 7. At the moment, the themes will only apply to the system settings and the overall design, but will not change the themes of the Sense apps themselves, as they would if you were running Sense on an HTC Device.


While support is not perfect at the moment, Woalk and digitalhigh have stated that they plan to keep working on Sensify to add better support, squash bugs and make it an overall better experience.

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