Ingress/AXA Partnership Sees Brand Integration Success

Google's Niantic Labs has brought forth a huge revolution in mobile gaming all thanks to their popular augmented-reality game Ingress, which tasks players of opposing factions to hunt down and vie for control of special locations within the real world. More control of these locations results in more control over mind units (essentially people) which nets each faction with an associated score. Today, Niantic Labs and AXA Insurance have announced the results of their partnership between the two companies to promote brand integration, a plan which was cooked up in efforts to help AXA reach potential customers who are digitally connected to their entire world.

Over the five-month period since the partnership began, a number reaching in excess of 600,000 Ingress players sought out and visited specific AXA locations in attempts to collect specially formulated digital items for this particular promotion of brand integration called the AXA Shield. To date, there has been more than 5 million AXA Shields deployed, and while the number of Ingress players which have engaged with the AXA portals in-game only totals 600,000, the brand promotion has been exposed to a total number of 4 million Ingress players, presenting AXA's commitment to protection to a rather large new group.

The partnership has also fostered new interactions between AXA insurance agents and Ingress agents, seeing some 55,000 Ingress players engage with real-life AXA insurance agents during the popular and city-wide Ingress Anomaly events, where large groupings of players meet locally in specific cities to compete for control of the region. To help promote this partnership Niantic and AXA released a video which plugs into the narrative behind the game, focusing on two Ingress agents of opposing factions who meet and fall in love while playing but are torn by the impossible decision each must make. The answer to staying true to their faction while also allowing them to protect each other could very well lie within the AXA Shield. This cross-brand promotion is an interesting one, but one which seems to bring about great success as a new means for an advertising platform where players can interact with real-world brands both on a digital level as well as a physical one.


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