HTC One M9 Uses The Latest Version Of Snapdragon 810


HTC created the One M9 as an evolution to the award-winning design of its predecessor, using a metallic unibody with two tones, this time around, although some users might find the new design too similar to the last one and thus, thinking it might be a little dull. Still, there's no way to deny that this is one of the most powerful phones of this year. It's 5-inch display might be considered smallish for current standards and other phones have increased the resolution to QHD while the one in this phone stayed at the same Full HD resolution as the previous generation. Internally, the amount of RAM has increased to 3 GB and the internal storage is now 32 GB and can be expanded through Micro SD cards. The resolution of the camera sensors was also upgraded and the processor it integrates was Qualcomm's best offering at the time, the Snapdragon 810.

That particular processor was subject of many controversies as it appeared that Qualcomm had some issues with the first revisions delaying its production. The problem was that the way the processor managed the tasks, resulting in high temperatures. Those rumors were denied by the company and OEMs started to use this processor in their products, HTC was one of the first to use it in their flagship and a raise in the device's temperature was noticed, but it seemed to be corrected by a software update. Recently, Sony's latest flagship, the Xperia Z3+ (aka Xperia Z4) was said to use a new version of the processor called v2.1 that supposedly fixed some previously known issues, although controversy arose regarding the temperature of this phone as well.


Now, Jeff Gordon from HTC has used his Twitter account to share some news about the processor of the One M9, he said that most of the devices that were announced with the Snapdragon 810 were already using v2.1, including the One M9, so the owners of this phone can rest assured that they have the latest version in their phones. The Android 5.1 update that will be available soon for this handset is supposed to further address this issue, although in the time that the One M9 has been available, its high temperature is not one of the biggest issues.

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