Tips To Help Better Promote Your App

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If you create stuff for a living and if you want it to sell be able to make a profit off of it, no matter what it is you create you’re going to need to promote it to some degree. For app developers, promotion is crucial if you have hope to make your app a success and have it reach more users. App promotion is one of the app monetization models and although not the only step in the app development process, it’s just as important as others if you want people to notice what you’ve created and you want them to see what you have to offer them. If you’re unsure of how to go about promoting your app we’ve gathered up a handful of tips that can assist you in the process.

While there are lots of things you can do to help app promotion, one of your first steps should be to let people know you have an app in the first place. Social media can be a great outlet for this as it opens up the potential to reach tons of people. You can set yourself up a profile page on all the popular social media sites and first share your app with people you know, who will likely end up sharing it with people they know. Telling people you have an app which they might be interested in is only the start though, and you might want to consider putting together a web page for your app at some point. Whether you’re building the site yourself or having someone do it for you, this can help to give potential users a place to go so they can check out more details about what your app is, what it means for them and it can help to explain why it’s worth their time. A web page can also serve as a great place to have screenshots and an app trailer present so people can see how things look and operate.

This is where another useful tip comes in handy. If you have a webpage set up, any time you communicate with people or promote your app via social media sites, you can make sure to paste links to your app’s web page wherever necessary. This doesn’t mean needless linking and bombarding people with posts or messages about your app just so you have a reason to link to your site, it does mean however that whenever you promote your app to someone for the first time, if your web page is already built you can link to it, so it is a good idea to have this step out of the way before the promotion process starts.

Something else to consider might be to generate and use a QR code or QR Codes which can take people to your website and your app page on the Play Store, both of which can have links to your social profiles where potential users can stay up to date on anything going on with your app. QR codes can be great for promotion because they hold the link to your pages without actually displaying the link and it gives you a way to reach people who may not care to actually type in links. Scanning a QR code can be much easier and it’s a way for you to present your link on paper. With printed QR codes you can potentially reach people who aren’t seeing your links online. You’ll also want to make it easy for people to share your app with others, or share your web page or app’s social profiles with others. Word of mouth is still a very powerful promotion tactic and making sure users are happy with your creation can potentially gain you free promotion by word of mouth. One way to ensure people are eager to share your app with people they know is to give them incentives, or things like gifts, discounts, and other things of this nature which basically rewards them for being a user. Hopefully, these tips are able to assist you in your app promotion efforts and help you grow app success.