Google Updates YouTube With Tweaked Offline Features

Offline mode is a feature which Google has been bringing to its most popular and most used apps for a while, and YouTube is no different. The most recent update to YouTube which should bring users forward to version 10.28 builds off of the already available offline mode which lets users access videos for offline playback, bringing in a couple of new tweaks and features. Keep in mind that offline playback within YouTube is not new, but there are a few changes worth noting especially if you're an avid YouTube users and one who may frequent areas in which online connectivity isn't always accessible.

The first worth mentioning is that Google is introducing a new lower quality video option to the YouTube app, listed as 144p. Immediately for many users the first thought may be why Google would want to bring in such a low-resolution video option since quality of the video would be none too enjoyable, but the benefits lie in the amount of space (or lack there of) a 144p video takes up on your device if you decide to download it for watching later. If you work with a device that has limited storage space for downloads no matter what they are, likely your first concern is having enough space for everything, and this is how this new resolution can be of use.

In addition to the new low-resolution video quality, Google is listing how much space each video will take up should a user decide to download the video for offline playback later on. So, once again if you're someone who is concerned with storage limits, having the data readily available prior to downloading a video for offline playback later makes it easy to decide whether to stick with the lowest resolution possible or spring for the higher quality video to make viewing more enjoyable. The new update also showcases that Google is working to move forward with and improve the addition of voice commands within the YouTube app, which when finally implemented, will allow users to control playback of videos with a varying set of phrases and speaking commands, although these features are not yet live in the app as they were discovered via a teardown of the latest apk. Speaking of which, if you're interested in having the latest version of YouTube but don't want to wait for the update to roll out to you, you can grab the apk from here to update.

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