Could This Be Google Upcoming Nexus Handset?

Could we be looking at a brand new and upcoming Google Nexus handset before the official announcement has been made? A new image available on the main Android website showcases a smartphone that has us guessing just what device is being displayed. While impossible to know just for sure with this particular image, we could actually be looking at a new upcoming Nexus handset which may be the anticipated handset in works through Huawei. Here's what rumors and speculations are going around right now as we patiently wait for an announcement or statement given out by Google on this image.

The smartphone within this image has gone amiss by most until one reader of AndroidPIT took notice and revealed that the smartphone being held is too big to be the currently available Nexus 5. While the smartphone does look a bit bigger than the standard Nexus 5, we're unable to actually tell the size of the device from the photo. Though what has more people intrigued by the image posting is that Google would have likely used an image of the Nexus 6 to showcase on the main Android website. The reasoning behind it would be because the Nexus 6 happens to be the latest smartphone in the Nexus lineup.

Then again, this wouldn't be the first time Google showcased a smartphone before the official announcement. Through a promotional video, the Nexus 5 was showcased before it was revealed directly by Google. So while we wait for an official statement, we could guess and say perhaps this may be Huawei's 5.7-inch Nexus handset. If you're unaware, Huawei confirmed that they are working with Google on producing a Nexus handset device which would be interesting to see as in the past Google has had ties with HTC, Samsung, LG, ASUS, and Motorola.

We're going to leave this particular image to you. What are your personal thoughts on the device used in the photograph? Do you think we're looking too much into this photo or could the rumors and speculations of an upcoming Nexus handset be plausible? Let us know your thoughts on the matter down in the comment section below.

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