Google+ Profiles Will Be Separated From Google Accounts

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Google+ has undergone more than a few changes since it was started a few years back, but it would seem that Google is ready to give it some of its biggest changes yet. Not too long ago Google separated the photos experiences with Google+ into its own service and app now known as Google Photos which was unveiled at Google IO at the end of May. Today Google has announced that they’ll be focusing on making some more changes to Google+ in the coming months ahead that are going to make things more streamlined and enhance the overall social experience for all of its users.

As it currently stands, a Google+ profile is linked to all of your other Google products in use. It seems like this would make sense, but Google wants to separate people’s Google+ profiles from the other Google products, which is why they will begin the transition from having users Google+ profiles act as their single Google account identity. While Google will still be allowing users to keep all of their Google Products linked by one account, Google+ will eventually be removed from any sort of link and a Google+ profile will no longer be required to use these other services, and will simply be people’s social identity for the Google+ network. Things will start with YouTube in the near future and continue along the same path for the rest of Google’s services. This means that when you leave comments on videos via YouTube, comments won’t be tied to your Google+ account. Google states it will take a few months for them to make these same changes across other Google products.

In addition to separating the Google+ identity from other Google services, the company will be continuing to add new features to the Google+ experience while also removing some others which aren’t necessarily integral to the social platform. Google Photos is just one example of this, but Google states they will continue to break away any other features which they feel are better suited as an “interest-based social experience out of Google+.” While Google hasn’t mentioned much of what they will be moving out of Google+, they have mentioned things like location sharing will be moved from Google+ into Hangouts.