Google Positioned As World's Largest Digital Publisher

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Google first began as a humble search engine on September of 1998 created by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in California. Ever since its foundation, the company grew extraordinarily until becoming one of the world’s largest digital enterprises. Today, Google’s Earnings Call for the second quarter of 2015 took place, and thanks to Verto Analytics, it was revealed that Google not only is still positioned as one of the most profitable companies of the world, but also continued to greatly expand and gained quite a lot of unique users throughout all of their services. Google is doing everything in its power to earn new users, and according to the Verto Analytics report, the internet giant is succeeding without any signs of slowing down.

Google earned more than 236 million unique users in June of this year across all of its services, which is quite a feat. Other major internet-based companies, such as Facebook and Yahoo, trail Google with 227 million and 212 million respectively; this reinforces the fact that Google still is the biggest digital publisher around the globe, a rather difficult task to achieve with the ever-rising competition. It is pretty obvious that Google would want some kind of dominance in the number of app downloads inside Android, the company’s own mobile operating system; fortunately for Google this is extremely notorious with more than 159 million new users on mobile in June, whereas its closest competitors, Facebook and Amazon, scored 151 million users and 123 million respectively. Although, this slightly elevated number of mobile app users is not that surprising, as the internet giant is known for including its services inside every Android-powered device, which makes it less impressive for the general public, but nevertheless a success for the company.

Google began as a small search engine, and quickly evolved into something much larger but didn’t lose its original vision of giving users the ability to easily access all the information available on the web with a minimal amount of steps; Google’s main website (google.com) received over 222 million visitors in June, of which 140 million visited through a smartphone or tablet. This shows how users continue to fulfill the original purpose of one of the world’s largest internet-based companies. Google shows no signs at all of a slowdown coming in the near future, on the contrary, the company will further expand and continue to innovate in all areas of technology.