Google Photos 1.2 Update Brings Improvements To Albums

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One of the highlights of this year's I/O event was when Google finally brought months of rumors and speculation to an end and unveiled their latest imaging service, Google Photos. Not to mention, they also announced it would become available to download the same day and would, for the most part, be free. Since then, the app has seemed to have received a warm welcome by the android community as a whole and many are seeing the benefits to using Google Photos. Of course, the image assistant and their animations are nice touches which have helped users adopt to the app more quickly.

Not to mention, that since its release, the updates for Google Photos seem to have been coming fairly readily. The app was unveiled at the end of May and since then has already received one update last month and now looks set to be receiving its next OTA update immediately. As such, it won't come as much of a surprise to know that the latest update will bring your version of Google Photos up to v1.2. That said, although the updates have been coming through, they have not exactly been feature rich and really bought anything too overwhelming to the table. This is much the case for the update although there are some minor improvements which should make the experience run a little smoother.


The first notable improvement is to do with adding images to albums. Now, when you are looking at any individual image in Google Photos, by right clicking the menu you can add the image directly to an album. Not to mention, the app now offers the ability to add a description to the images and also to set one of the images as an art cover for the album it is in. So nothing too ground breaking, but nice improvements regardless. As per usual, the update is arriving and therefore, those who prefer to hang on for the OTA update can do so. For those who prefer to run the latest version as soon as possible, you can download and install the update by hitting the link below. The file comes in at just over 24MB.

Google Photo v1.2

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