Google Introduced New Features In Chrome Beta 45


For a while now, Google Chrome has been the default browser in Android, at least in the stock version of the operating system. It has always been powerful, but it gets improved constantly. For those who want to try out the newest features included in an upcoming release, Google launched a Beta app in both desktop and mobile platforms. Now, Google has communicated some changes that the 45 Beta version will include in its mobile form, making clear that web developers will be able to integrate some functions to the platform better than ever.

A useful feature is that when an audio or video file is playing from Chrome for more than 5 seconds, a notification that could be seen when sliding from the top will appear, allowing users to control the HTML5 file while multitasking, just like in any other app designed specifically to be used on mobile devices. Also being inspired by mobile apps, developers will now be able to customize the vibration coming from a notification from a given site.


Last month, Google introduced app install banners, which are useful for app developers as when users visit a certain site and a mobile app is available, performing better than the web app in most cases although browser enhancements and other technologies have been providing a better web experience. Still, if the developer has one or more apps designed for mobile use, the user will be prompted to a banner encouraging to download the app. Once a user visits a site of a certain developer, a banner for one of their mobile apps would appear and if the user chooses to click on the banner, a shortcut would be added in the user's home screen. This is useful if the users visit the developer's site regularly. With version 45, developers will be able to program the install banners to appear after the user makes some actions, such as making a purchase. The update will also contain a handful of enhancements and fixes destined for developers, but the aforementioned features are the most relevant to the typical users, the full changelog is available at the source.


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