Google Drive No Longer Offers Older Design Layout

If you hate change and decided to hold out for as long as you possibly can with the Google Drive user interface, we're sorry to report that your time with the old UI has come to an end. Google has started to take away the option to stay on the old user interface which means if you haven't made the jump to the latest user interface already then you'll likely find the changes already being made. Perhaps it's time to get used to the new UI anyways after it has been unveiled over a year ago now.

As mentioned, last year Google announced a new design layout for their Google Drive service. Overall the design was minimal in changes but instead made the whole user interface a bit easier to navigate through. When a company like Google makes a change with their user interface, it's common and often offered to allow users of that service to stick with the old layout. Not only are they familiar to the older layout but they can switch to the new UI when they feel as if they mastered down the design along with how everything works compared to the previous iteration. For a year now, Google has offered this option within Google Drive. All that users needed to do was head into the settings option where two options were available. If you were on the older user interface then you could select "Leave the new Drive" in which you can stick with the older design. However, if you were looking to make the change onto the new layout design the "Experience the new Drive" option would give you that ability.

Switching back between both user interfaces was simple as the options would showcase under the settings option. Google didn't make any official announcement as to why Google Drive would be forcing users to be on the latest design layout. In fact, the switch was sudden with the support page from Google on how users can switch between the new and old design is still available online.


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