Google Details Improvements To Gmail's Spam Filter

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When it comes to email, there are a number of issues that all users will universally dislike. One of the most prevalent is spam. No one likes to receive emails about products they do not want, have not enquired about and would need buy. However, that is often the cost of doing business online nowadays. Once your email is handed over, the inbox quickly begins to fill up with unwanted mail. Well, thankfully, most email clients now come with dedicated spam filters to help alleviate the issue as much as possible

In fact, when it comes to Gmail, Google has taken to its Gmail blog this morning detailing this very issue and the methods they employ to try and keep your Gmail as spam-free as possible. In the blog posting, Google goes on to explain that their spam filter is always increasing in its ability to understand and tell the difference between the type of emails you want to receive and don’t want to. This is done by the use of their artificial neural network which is able to identify the “sneaky spam” which otherwise might get passed the normal filters. Not to mention, Google highlights that their filters are able to tell the difference between user’s mailboxes so that what might be considered spam to one user (and not to another) is blocked for the first but passed through for the second.

In addition, the blog post introduces a new feature which Google is dubbing Gmail Postmaster Tools. According to the information, this feature is designed to allow users who are high-volume email senders (think banks etc) to have their emails more thoroughly identified and help the Gmail team better understand them, which in turn will help to further avoid those emails being unnecessarily blocked and redirected by the spam filters. Overall, the blog notes that users can rest assured that over 99% of all spam is picked up by the filters before making it to you. Those interested in reading the full blog posting and seeing what Google has to say about spam can do so by hitting the source link below.