Glass Enterprise Edition More Durable & Water Resistant


There has been a ton of speculation and rumors surrounding what will be the next generation of Google Glass. While most of the rumors originally stemmed from the move of the Glass department from the Google X Labs, the most recent information has suggested that instead of a forward momentum, Glass 2.0 is much more likely to take a sidestep instead. In fact, the information which has been consistently coming in of late, is that the next generation of Glass will not be for consumers at all but instead will be an Enterprise version, aptly dubbed the Enterprise Edition. Therefore, instead of thinking of the EE version as the next evolution of Glass, it is more of a counterpart along with the Explorer Edition of Glass that the consumers have become more accustomed to.

That said, although the reports detail this as an Enterprise version, that does not mean that the design has not been significantly overhauled. In fact, the rumors continue to suggest that the Enterprise Edition will be significantly more durable and pack more work-based features and aspects and not to mention an Intel processor. Well, the latest coming in is that the Enterprise Edition is also going to be much more hardwearing than many initially thought.

Although, previous reports have suggested Enterprise Edition will offer improved hardware, a report from 9to5 Google today states that as well as improved design, the Enterprise Edition will also be water resistance. Part of its resistant design means that there will be fewer hardware buttons on the device. Thereby, further limiting the chance of water coming in. That said, the same sources also do highlight that in spite of the changes that the actual device might not look dramatically different to the first generation. It will have changes, but those less familiar with the design (in detail) might find it more difficult to actively identify the changes. Either way, the idea that this will be a more durable and work-related device seems to be increasing by the day. On a separate note, it was also recently reported that users will be able to take pictures on Glass 2.0 just by using their fingers.