Gallery Doctor Finds Duplicates on Your Android Phone


For many of us, our smartphones offer us the best camera experience we own. Sure, there's still a place for the dedicated camera for special moments and professional endeavours, but for everyday snaps and such, the smartphone is King. That means that we take a lot of photos, and we're often guilty of taking two or three of the same thing to make sure that we get things just right. Over time, that builds up a lot of duplicates in our photo libraries, inevitably taking up a lot of space on our devices. While Google Photos and Dropbox's camera upload features have definitely helped to solve this, many still prefer to keep their photos out of the cloud.

To free up that precious space is an app called Gallery Doctor. It analyses your photo library ad then lets you know just how many photos you have to be cleaned up and how much space that can free up. After using it for a little bit, how Gallery Doctor determines what a duplicate or a bad photo is seems to be a little vague. A lot of the duplicates on my device were all Screenshots, which I don't need to keep any longer, but some of 'bad photos' are things I would keep. Thankfully, there's a Tinder-style swipe left or right to keep or delete photos on your device, with a stack of photos laid out in front of you. This is not only a smart feature, but it's good fun as well.


The app works well, especially considering it's free, but with the likes of Google Photos and Dropbox, a lot of users could easily purge all of the photos on their device and never lose a thing. Of course, this is designed for those looking to take back more control of their photos, without having to resort to the cloud. Plus, this is something that those who cannot use the cloud due to data costs or coverage will certainly appreciate. You can download Gallery Doctor for free at the source link below.

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