Featured Review: Incipio's Wireless Charging Adapter

Upset that your device doesn't have Qi Wireless charging? Well a few companies have made these stickers that you can stick on the inside of your phone to activate wireless charging. But on phones like the HTC One M9, that's not possible, seeing as the back panel is not removable. However, Incipio has fixed that! They have created Wireless Charging adapters that work for both iOS and Android devices. They come in two variants, one with a micro USB adapter and one with a lightning adapter (obviously for iOS devices).

While it's probably not the most feasible option, in terms of getting Qi Wireless charging, it does work. It is compatible with both Qi and PMA standards, so those on AT&T can still use this for PMA chargers. It's also extremely lightweight, as it is a pretty small adapter. Basically, you just plug this into your smartphone, put the adapter on a Wireless Charger and it starts charging your device. It's pretty cool, but it could also get a bit annoying if you are doing this every day. One of the cool things here is that the cable is somewhat retractible. So you can plug it in and have the adapter sitting on the wireless charger with the phone sitting on the table next to it. Or just have the micro USB adapter sticking out, which also works quite well.

For me, one of the main reasons I wanted Wireless Charging on my smartphone is because I have the Sony Xperia Z3, and it has the flap over the micro USB port since it is waterproof. And opening that every time I want to plug in the phone can get annoying, as you'd expect. However, this doesn't really solve that. As I have to open that flap to use this adapter. Or walk around with the adapter attached all day. So while it solves the problem of not having wireless charging, it may cause more hassles for some people and is it really worth it?

I've been using this on the Xperia Z3, as well as the BLU Life One, I have laying around here, and it actually worked out quite nicely. I used it with the Ghost 110 Wireless Charger from Incipio, which I reviewed a few months ago. It worked quite well, I didn't have any issues with it disconnecting from the wireless charger or not charging my smartphones. The big question here though, is it worth the hassle. For most of us, probably not. I mean, you're plugging in your phone to get wireless charging. Kinda defeats the point of this whole wireless charging thing, right? However, for phones that do not have removable backs, it's tough to come up with a better way to add wireless charging, without making a case for the device. The big advantage this adapter has is that it will work with any device that uses micro USB. So it'll work with the Galaxy S6, HTC One M9, Sony Xperia Z3, Huawei Ascend Mate 7, all of which are different shapes and sizes. If Incipio were to make a case for wireless charging, they'd need to do one for each device.

Currently these are only available from T-Mobile, and not Incipio's own store - for some strange reason. T-Mobile is selling these for $34.99. And actually they only have the lightning cable version available right now. The micro USB model should be available soon, however. It's rather pricey for what it is, especially considering the fact that wireless chargers are under $20 for the most part now. However, you can head on over to T-Mobile and grab one now.

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