Early Unofficial Android M Build Running On The OnePlus One

OnePlus One AH 2015 33

With the OnePlus 2 literally only days away from being unveiled, the OnePlus One has not been getting much love of late. In fact, if you are a OnePlus One owner and not really planning on migrating over to the OnePlus 2 (at least not yet) then you might be wondering what the future holds for your device and especially when it comes to updates. In the past, the OnePlus One has been very well supported by developers and both officially and unofficially. ‘Bacon’, as it is more affectionately known, now has two official OSes, in the form of Cyanogen OS 12 (Lollipop-based) and Oxygen OS (again Lollipop based). However, with the new OnePlus device set to launch, it seems obvious that this new one will see preferential treatment when it comes to updating. That is, at least from OnePlus and in terms of Oxygen OS. The company has already confirmed that Android 5.1 won’t be coming to the OnePlus One before the 2 is released and it does seem likely that the 2 will come running on Oxygen’s version of Android 5.1.

Well, luckily there is the extensive unofficial market which is likely to see the OnePlus One being supported well beyond the launch of the OnePlus 2 and even well beyond Android 5.1. In fact, a couple of videos have popped up on YouTube over the last couple of weeks showing Android M running on the OnePlus One. Now, this is the Nexus Developer Preview and does show the Nexus boot animation on startup. However, the video does also show the Preview running on the OnePlus One and generally speaking, quite well. It is only a beta version of a Preview version and therefore, there are bound to be a number of things that do not work. However, the developer seems quite keen to keep pushing through on the port and therefore, it does seem some version of Android M will certainly be available for the OnePlus One going forward and quite possible for a daily usage level soon enough.

For those interested, you can check out one of the videos of M running on the One below. If you are really game and would like to give the actual build a try yourself, then it seems a thread has been going since the start of June from the same developer and includes the download link (source link below). However, as mentioned, this is an extremely early build of what is already an early build of Android M. Therefore, you will want to be very careful with this one.