Deezer Integrates With IFTTT to Extend Your Listening


Considering that streaming services are fairly common these days, with Spotify, Google Play Music, TIDAL and now Apple Music offering a similar service, big players are starting to branch out. We've seen Spotify do this with features like Taste Rewind, Google Play Music has created playlists and TIDAL of course streams in CD-quality. Deezer has been around for some time now, mostly in the UK and Europe, and today they're announcing IFTTT integration coming to their streaming service, extending the overall functionality of the service. If you're unfamiliar with IFTTT, it's essentially a platform that automates things using an "if this, then that" formula (hence the name).

As well as being able to listen to all the music you can get your hands on, the integration with IFTTT now adds some fun functionality with a couple recipes available right now. Including the ability to match your device's wallpaper with whatever album artwork you're listening to through Deezer. Fans of the Philips Hue lightbulbs will know that they support IFTTT and Deezer now adds in to this with the ability to change the color to the album artwork of the song playing, and of course you can use IFTTT to share your listening to social media, as well as Tweet with a particular hashtag to add it to a Deezer playlist.

Deezer is of course asking users to come up with their own recipes to further extend things, and this is part of what makes this partnership so interesting. IFTTT is a big community project in a sense, and some of the best recipes are those that have been put together by members of the community, so it'll be great to see what music fans will come up with.


Deezer offers up millions of songs, as well as the ability to import all of your existing MP3s (within reason) and it's now available in the US, throughout Europe, Asia, Brazil and elsewhere making a total of 182 countries worldwide. If you've yet to try it out, you can install it from the Play Store below, and sign up for a free trial.


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