Deal: Keedox Mini Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Streaming Adapter Only $16.99

While smartphones improve many aspects of an android user's life, one area which is seeing significant growth is the audio capabilities of smartphones. As they continue to evolve and become more sophisticated, their capabilities for audio playback also become more advanced. As does the aftermarket accessories that are on offer. That said, trying to find the accessory which best suits your lifestyle can be tricky and especially with the abundance of products that are currently available. Well, one accessory that you might want to check out is the Keedox Mini Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Music Streaming Receiver Adapter.

Unlike most other Bluetooth music accessories, this one takes being portable to a whole new level. All the tech is combined within a small adapter, which means you can literally take the Keedox Adapter with you, wherever you go. As a result, whether in the car, at the gym or at home, the Keedox adapter offers a great way to listen to your music from any Bluetooth enabled device. The way in which the adaptor works is that it allows direct connection from any 3.5mm jack product. So if you wanted to plug your headphones into the adapter, you can. Then you simply need to put the adapter in your pocket while at the gym and listen as your music is streamed from your device. Likewise, if you are in the car, you can connect the adapter to your car system and stream the music directly to your car's system. In fact, the tech inside means you can connect and stream content from two phones at the same time. Making this a perfect accessory for sharing music with friends. No need to connect, disconnect and connect the secondary device. Of course, being a Bluetooth receiver also had the added benefits of being able to offer hands-free calling as well and the Keedox Adaptor does this perfectly. As such, in between your audio playback you never have to worry about missing a call or even using your smartphone to take and make a call. Simply press the play button on the adapter and the call is answered.

The Keedox Mini Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Music Streaming Receiver Adapter comes touting some seriously good specs in spite of its small size. For instance, the Keedox Adapter comes running on Bluetooth v4.0 with a CSR Chipset. This means the Bluetooth range is accessible from up to 10 meters (33 feet) from the target streaming device. Again, when considering the size and how portable the adapter is, you might be surprised to know that it can offer up to 10 hours of continuous playback off a single charge. While being small in nature also means that it does not take that long to charge, with a full charge reachable in only 1.5 hours. The best thing about the Keedox Adapter is the price. This unit will normally only set you back $39.99. However, the Keedox Adapter is currently on sale which means you can grab all this tech, in this small unit for only $16.99. Want to know more or place an order? Hit the link below.

Keedox Mini Bluetooth Audio Adapter Only $16.99


Keedox Mini Bluetooth Audio Adapter Only $16.99

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