Concept Renders Show Off Interesting Design For HTC Aero

Rumors of HTC's next device have been swirling around for the last few weeks at least, speculated to be called the HTC Aero, and presumably coming equipped with a Quad HD screen. Should the rumor about the device display resolution be true, HTC would finally have dumped the Full HD display that they've been working with for the last three iterations of their flagship device in the HTC One lineup. That's assuming though that the Aero would also be a flagship, and one has to consider that HTC has already released three other phones with Quad HD screens, one of those being the One M9+ which was launched internationally in the Asian market. While a handful of rumored detailed and specs is all anyone has to go off of so far, one HTC fan seems to have taken it upon themselves to visualize what the HTC Aero could look like upon its completion.

Keep in mind, these are just concept renders, so they are in now way evident of what HTC's design plans are for this upcoming device, but concepts are still often fun to gloss over as they paint a picture of what could be. Not to mention, they serve as a means for ideas for what HTC could do with their design even if HTC themselves never employ these concepts into final or even prototype builds of a phone. Looking at the concepts, it's easy to see where part of the focus lies, with an edge to edge screen and minimal bezels being a sought after feature the designer hopes HTC will employ in their own workings.

You can also see a rather large front facing camera lens, perhaps akin to the HTC Eye, so perhaps the designer envisions a high-quality front-facing camera sensor. The concepts also depict dual front-facing stereo speakers, so that would likely mean a hope for the return of BoomSound which HTC uses in many of their high-end devices. Rumors peg the HTC Aero for having a "ground breaking" rear camera that is capable of better low light photography thanks to a f/1.9 aperture and that it will support RAW photo formats, but these are still just rumors for the time being.

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